Finnish PAMECO-products for machine contracting and sludge and water treatment on farms

Ease your work with great PAMECO equipment!

Ease your work with great PAMECO equipment!

Welcome to Pameco steel products

Our product range includes towed sand spreader carts and buckets, as well as PAMECO slurry and water treatment equipment such as hydraulic pumps, tractor pumps, pump loaders, propeller mixers and slurry mixers.

Steel products

We have a wide range of steel products in our stock. In addition to our stock range, we can supply exactly what you need on request.

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Load-bearing structural steelwork

EN1090 EXC 2 Standard structural steelwork.

Load-bearing structural steelwork


CNC plasma- and flame cutting
Sawing service
Metal and repair work
Other metal and repair work and finishing operations

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